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Our education team has an array of products and services that can be transformative aides in your students' learning journeys. See how we can help you unlock student potential, give better access to those who need it, and increase communication between faculty, students, and their families.

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We Can Take Your School To The Next Level

With the ever growing complexity of IT and demand on teachers time, many schools are finding it beneficial to outsource their daily IT management. Connecting Point has decades of experience working with schools and understand the complexity of district projects. We can equip your school with every type of IT solution you need such as devices, WiFi, cloud solutions, interactive flat panels, classroom audio, intercom systems, and so much more. The education team at Connecting Point can personally visit your school to walk through and talk about your vision.

Does Your School Use E-rate Funding?

Public or private K-12 schools and libraries can apply to be eligible for telecommunication service funding also know has E-rate funding offered by the Universal Service Fund. Depending on needs, organizations can receive between 20 to 90 percent discounts! We have worked with many schools that utilize this program, so we know the guidelines to offer you a proper bid. Feel free to contact us about what we can offer your organization.

Education Services

District Communications

Upgrade your school's district communications with products such as advanced intercom and alarm systems, eye-catching digital displays, or integrated phone systems. We have solutions for any level of education from elementary to university making it easy for you to broadcast information to your students and staff.

Promethean Products

Connecting Point is delighted to have Promethean as a part of our hand-picked product lines to offer you the best in classroom devices and software. Promethean's passion is to reinvent educational technology to create dynamic environments, communities, and tools to inspire and empower teachers and students.

Network Security

Keep your network secure against hacking events, unwanted guest, and filter what you students can access on their school-sponsored devices. We can create specific monitoring and security protocols to make sure your information and students stay safe against the unknown.

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