ActivPanel LX + OPS-A

The ActivPanel LX is a beautiful new product from Promethean that offers flexibility and longevity. Along with the new OPS-A, this combination lets you work with the tech that you already use while also allowing seamless access to the Google Play Store for wonderful versatility.

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ActivPanel LX

The ActivPanel LX is easy to install and works with the apps and software that you already use. The LX can be plugged into a laptop via USB-C cable to make your laptop into an interactive display. It can also be paired with your preferred Android system whether it be Windows or Google.

Its specs included a large LCD bonded 4K display for vivid viewing and effortless writing available in sizes 65, 75, and 86 inches. It also includes dual front-facing speakers and 20 points of advanced touch technology that can differentiate between pen and touch. The gigabit ethernet ports support breakneck network speeds to a connect OPS device such as the new OPS-A.


The Promethean OPS-A is one of the first Google EDLA-certified products on the market for use with an interactive display. This device gives the user easy access to the Google Play Store directly through the ActivPanel LX and comes preloaded with many of the popular apps such as Youtube and Google Chrome. It also is great for cloud accessed media through Google Drive.

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