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Crafted for the Classroom

Promethean is an award-winning industry leader for interactive smart boards. Designed with students and teachers in mind, Promethean offers a variety of different screen and function types to fit every type of classroom. Every product and service created by Promethean is built to make learning an experience rather than just books and memorization. We don't just work with Promethean because of all the talk, but because we know that they can revolutionize the classroom. Give your students the hands-on experience that they want and provide the software that can take your lesson plans to the next level. There's no need to be intimidated by this impressive line of products because there is professional development available to both new and continuing users. Make the meaningful investment in Promethean that supports your districts vision and goals.

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Interactive Displays

Promethean has over 20 years of interactive white board building experience. Their displays boot-up in seconds, have an easy-to-use user interface, and an organic writing feel. Promethean boards are virtually maintenance free with 20 simultaneous touch points and an infinite canvas. Integrated Wi-Fi and available Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for teachers to connect STEM-based apps and accessories. Teachers are able to deliver lesson plans from anywhere in the classroom with an untethered device-agnostic concept. Students can learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills from the plethora of education-based apps from the Google Play Store while teachers utilize the time-saving cloud-based lesson delivery software included with every Promethean display.

ActivPanel Titanium

Make the most of every moment in the classroom.

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ActivPanel Nickel

Ready. All-in-one. Value

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ActivBoard Touch

Combining interactive learning with dry-erase capabilities.

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Promethean Exclusive Software

Promethean's exclusive softwares are specially programmed to work with the Promethean displays. Designed for teachers by teachers, both ClassFlow and ActivInspire are made to help teachers save time while constructing immersive lesson plans. Ignite a passion for learning with interactive lessons, quizzes, and activities with millions of resources from educators around the world.


Cloud-based lesson delivery software with advanced lesson delivery tools.


Vast collection to of tools to create and deliver inspiring and dynamic lessons.