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It's exciting to see how the use of technology in schools allows children of all ages to explore, create, and learn about complex topics during remote learning. Unfortunately, with all of this excitement comes added strain on the education system and their resources. Connecting Point and HP have partnered together to bring you education-focused IT solutions to help outsource your technology needs.

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Learning Should Be Fun Not Stressful

Obviously one of the biggest points of concern these past few years has been how schools were going to continue to educate students remotely on a massive scale. While many school districts have already been using different types of technology, the amount of pressure to provide education services to millions of students daily via remote learning continues to build. Outsourcing your IT management services to Connecting Point can help relieve stress on staff and give students a better remote learning experience. We have partnered with HP to offer schools a variety of fantastic products and services so both students and faculty can focus on learning rather than technology hiccups.

HP Interactive Classroom

HP has a line of laptops, Chromebooks, desktops, workstations and accessories to bring out any students potential. Made with kids in mind, these student-centered products are made to be durable with special security and privacy features. Special classroom management products are available to teachers to help lead and optimize student engagement while in the classroom.

Student Device: HP Probook x360 (PDF)
Student Device: HP Stream 11 (PDF)

Classroom Manager

Network Security

Keep your network safe from outsiders and students off of unwanted digital spaces. We can help you create a one-of-a-kind network with features built in that fit your unique needs. Zero-trust security with specialized segmentation to give special access to students and faculty.

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