Connecting Point Radio

Connecting Point Radio is our new interactive podcast where our IT veteran host will discuss major topics happening in the world of tech. Register for the episode you would like to attend to receive the link to our meeting room. If you have a question concerning the subject of the week feel free to send in a question with your registration.

Preview of Windows Server 2022

December 15th, 2021 11:00am CST

Join us in exploring some of the new features on Windows Server 2022 including a new Windows Admin Center, the new Server Manager and streamlined MMC tools extending on-premises deployments of Windows Server to the Cloud using Azure hybrid services. Great chance to talk to the folks in the trenches.

Target Audience:
IT Professionals, Business Owners

Defender for Microsoft 365

January 17th, 2022 11:00am CST

Host Dan Durkee is joined by guest speaker Josh Hobein to explore ways to increase security on Microsoft 365 by configuring safe attachments, safe links and improving email filtering using Defender for Microsoft 365.

Target Audience:
IT Professionals, Business Owners

Communication Consolidation

February 16th, 2022 11:00am CST

Are you suffering from communication fatigue? It’s time to catch our breath and reevaluate our methods of communication. We’ll explore the possibility of consolidating our tools, reducing our costs and explore options that can make your organization’s overall communication more effective.

Target Audience:
IT Professionals, Business Owners

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