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Protect your business and people better by upgrading to Hikvision thermal products. Not only does Hikvision have outside perimeter products to watch your space 24/7, but they also have a fantastic line of indoor thermal security products that can help detect potential fires or monitor incoming traffic and alerting to potential health risks.

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Temperature Screening Solutions
With the world trying to go back to work, its important to acknowledge that there is still a risk for individuals entering back into the public to become sick with our latest concern COVID-19. One of the main symptoms that have been looked for in an exposed individual is fever and many places have started to implement manual temperature readings at their facility entrances. But what if there was an easier way? Hikvision has created a line of products using their thermal imaging technology to create a temperature screening line. Not only do these devices detect specified heat signatures, but specialized AI can detect individual faces and whether they are wearing a mask preventing entrance if necessary.
Bullet/Turret Setup
Reduced false alarm detection
Handheld Setup
Connect to PC or Smartphone
Bullet/Blackbox Setup
Blackbox increases accuracy

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Thermal Protects Better

Security Series

Developed with Deep Learning algorithms and advanced graphics processing, Hikvision thermal cameras give users an incredible advantage over traditional security cameras by tracking thermal radiation rather than relying on visible light. These cameras record 24/7 video no matter the environment.

Thermography Series

Monitoring your spaces against fire crucial to the safety of your business and employees. Quickly locate areas of concern with Hikvision's dynamic fire detection with the highest potential accuracy. Perfect for identifying invisible electrical or machinery hazards that could turn into a much bigger problem if left unattended.

Commercial Series

Hikvision is bringing their cutting-edge products to more people with their commercial series. Ideal for law enforcement use, these smaller scope cameras all use shutter-less technology within an HD ocular display to prevent target loss and reduce eye fatigue. Their commercial line includes handhelds, rifle scopes, automotive add-ons, camera modules.

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